This is chronicling the failed proposal of the 1987 revival of Match Game.


After 13 weeks and several disputes with the producers, Gene Rayburn was fired from the 1985-86 version of Break the Bank (who was later replaced by Joe Farago) and by late 1986, was once again available. A January 19, 1987 issue of Broadcasting magazine featured a trade advertisement promoting another five-a-day week strip revival attempt for syndication with Rayburn as host for the Fall of 1987. The advertisement featured a glowing red-colored version of the 1978-82 logo and was promoted as "The all-new Match Game" where it promises that it "will glow red hot on your station" featuring a "Celebrity Panel-the biggest names in entertainment" plus "big cash prizes for lots of excitement". In addition, Coca-Cola Telecommunications was to syndicate the program.

1987 Trade AdEdit


A January 19, 1987 issue of Broadcasting Magazine (A Match Game trade ad included)